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Investment opportunities

The Western Parkland City Authority will generate jobs by creating high quality places focussed on job-intensive land uses. A priority will be to create knowledge precincts linking research, commercial activity and educational opportunities.

Over the next twenty years, it is estimated the eight council areas comprising the Western Parkland City will collectively grow by 500,000 residents to deliver a city with a population of 1.5 million - bigger than the current size of Adelaide. This growth needs access to high-quality jobs and training opportunities across a range of sustainable industries.

The Aerotropolis will be the catalyst for the 200,000 jobs that the three levels of government committed to creating in the Western Parkland City through the Western Sydney City Deal.

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Indicative industry partnership opportunities

Where and when can industry get involved?​

When we will brief you and take market soundings​

  • Bradfield City Centre Master Plan – briefing session
  • EOI for various Industry Reference Groups​
  • NETM course delivery – tranche 1
  • Masterplan debriefs (most likely later part of Q2 2022 subject to DPE​)
  • Market sounding for real estate development and investment opportunities in Bradfield​
  • Market sounding (continued)

Indicative tender opportunities​

  • Civil works and building contractor for First Building – procurement
  • Equipment for AMRF – procurement of capital equipment​
  • NETM course delivery ongoing
  • Civil works and first building procurement on track​

Indicative tender opportunities​

  • Bradfield City Centre Multi Utility servicing – RoI for design, construction and operation
  • Bradfield City Centre market sounding:​
    • Multi Utility Servicing​
    • Cyber Security
    • Environment / Sustainability

Indicative tender opportunities​

  • Bradfield City Centre Enabling Works – initial civil works packages
  • Bradfield City Centre Multi Utility Servicing Procurement for construction
  • CSIRO – Procurement for construction of CSIRO building
  • NETM course delivery ongoing

Indicative tender opportunities​

  • Advanced Manufacturing & Research Facility Procurement for construction​
  • NETM course delivery ongoing​
  • Enabling works – public space and landscaping


NETM – New Education and Training Model
WSA Co – Western Sydney Airport Corporation​
AMRF – Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility​
ROI – Registration of Interest​
RFI – Request for Information​

Timeframes and opportunities are subject to change and may require relevant government approvals

Page updated: 4 February 2022