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Bradfield City Centre - An Invitation to Partner

Welcome to Bradfield City Centre

The NSW Government has committed over $1 billion to kickstart development of the Bradfield City Centre as Australia's newest city centre for the 22nd Century. Bradfield City Centre will be a cyber-secure, advanced, green and connected hub for advanced industries. 

The NSW Government investment of over $1 billion to activate Bradfield City Centre for private sector-led development includes:

  • Around 36 hectares of public domain - including parks, plazas and water features
  • 60 hectares of land prepared for development - including earthworks, roads, and utilities
  • The National Security Quarter - a new hub for the advanced defence and innovation sectors
  • Advanced Manufacturing skills - a pilot training program to provide a skilled, engaged workforce ready for the needs of modern manufacturing environments
  • Visitor centre and high-tech research facility - with shared space and equipment for international advanced industry firms and local manufacturers
  • Digitally-enabled city centre and public domain - including high capacity conduit, common access ducts, and smart infrastructure
  • Commercial and community facilities - including retail, cultural, childcare and car parking
  • A plaza adjacent to the new metro station - just minutes from the international airport
  • Dining, entertainment and leisure - around public waterways