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8. Member selection criteria

An EOI to be a member of the Koori Perspectives Circle should address the following seven questions in a maximum three-page submission, or using the online form, and submitted as outlined in Section 9.

  1. Please confirm that you meet the three-part definition of Aboriginal (descent, self-identification and community recognition). Please outline which mob/s you identify with and parts of Country you are connected to.
  2. Please describe how you are connected to Country, or the Aboriginal community in the Western Parkland City, or both. You may wish to provide details about whether you are from the area, you live in the area, work in the area, who you are connected to locally, and types of knowledge you hold about the area and community.
  3. Please describe your relationships and connections to Aboriginal communities in the Western Parkland City and outline any active roles you have within any groups or organisations you work with in Western Sydney as an elder, a leader or aspiring leader.
  4. Please describe any previous experience in projects where you have worked in a group to provide advice as an Aboriginal person and community member to an organisation.
  5. Please outline how you will make a positive contribution to the Koori Perspectives Circle and why you are interested in being involved.
  6. Please confirm that you can commit to gather and meet in person at locations across Western Sydney, agreed by the members, or online as required by covid restrictions until mid-2023, for two to four hours approximately every 8 weeks from June 2022.

Information contained within the submissions received will not be held as confidential information and will be subject below:

  • WPCA will determine at its sole discretion if applicants have met the selection criteria to participate in the process.
  • WPCA may, at its sole discretion, accept, exclude, consider or not consider any EOI submission it receives.