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7. Member selection process

Members of the Koori Perspectives Circle will be determined through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process. EOIs can be submitted from Wednesday 23rd March to Friday 29th April 2022.

EOIs are invited from people who can demonstrate they:

  • identify as being an Aboriginal person (i.e. not just Kooris) living in Western Sydney, or with strong connections to Western Sydney.
  • are connected to and have knowledge of Country, or community in the Western Parkland City, or both.
  • have strong and positive relationships and connections to and active involvement in Aboriginal communities in the Western Parkland City as an elder, a leader or aspiring leader.
  • are able to make valuable contributions to the Koori Perspectives Circle, to help the WPCA do what it can toward reconciliation in Australia.
  • are already engaged in small or big ways in helping to advance, promote and inspire positive cultural, social, educational, employment, business experiences for more Aboriginal people.
  • are available to gather and meet in person at locations across Western Sydney, and times agreed by the members, or online as required by covid restrictions until mid-2023.

As part of the EOI process, applicants are required to answer in writing the questions in Section 8. Members of the Koori Perspectives Circle will be chosen based on their ability to meet the selection criteria.

If a potential EOI applicant requires assistance in documenting their oral response, the WPCA can make a resource available for up to a total of three hours over the phone, or online.

The responses will be assessed by a panel made up of three Government Aboriginal employees with extensive experience working with Aboriginal communities, and two non-Aboriginal staff. A recommendation will be made to the WPCA’s responsible executive for decision. The selection process will give consideration to creating a broad-based Perspectives Circle with a diversity of age, gender, community and organisation representation, and availability to meet as a group.

The shortlisted EOI applicants will be contacted by the WPCA’s Program Director, Aboriginal Outcomes for an informal phone conversation in early May.

The purpose of these conversations will be to provide the shortlisted EOI applicant an opportunity to provide further information to support their nominations to finalise recommendations.

Successful members will be contacted in late-May 2022, ahead of the Koori Perspectives Circle first meeting later in early June 2022.