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6. What will we do with perspectives shared?

The operations of the Koori Perspectives Circle will be as open and transparent as possible. This will help ensure the wider community and those involved in the Western Sydney City Deal can benefit from the general work of the Koori Perspectives Circle.

The membership of the Koori Perspectives Circle may be publicly shared, and with relevant agencies and local councils. Members will be required to respect and maintain confidentiality of matters under discussion during confidential sessions of the Koori Perspectives Circle, in accordance with the Confidentiality Deed each member will need to sign to participate.

With permission and acknowledgement to ensure no breaches of any Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property rights, perspectives that are provided by members verbally or in writing may also be shared with the WPCA and its Board, the NSW Government, with relevant agencies and local councils, and publicly.

In general, the perspectives shared are intended to inform the WPCA decision-making processes associated with our work. The Koori Perspectives Circle is not a decision-making forum. As projects develop, they will be informed by many voices, with decisions made by the CEO, Board and/or relevant Ministers.

Members will be paid appropriately for sharing their perspectives and time through participating in the Koori Perspectives Circle, including some time spent in preparation and travel. Details of payment, known as a sitting fee, will be confirmed with members once selected.

The WPCA will be engaging Aboriginal consultants with specific technical skills, knowledge and experience to deliver specific advice, programs, projects and pieces of work for WPCA.

It’s anticipated that the expert local community perspectives of the Koori Perspectives Circle will help to enrich the expert technical contributions of Aboriginal consultants.