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5. Intention for the ‘Koori Perspectives Circle’

The intention for the Koori Perspectives Circle is for it to provide an Indigenous voice into shaping the work of the WPCA; and for the circle to help foster two-way learning for WPCA teams.

The purpose of the Koori Perspectives Circle is to:

  • develop and strengthen long-term relationships with key Aboriginal community members and organisations that have connection to the Western Parkland City
  • help shape the WPCA’s planning, design, place and delivery work to ensure it is culturally appropriate and supports the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal communities
  • support the best possible social, cultural and economic outcomes for Aboriginal communities in Western Sydney, to enhance participation and local prosperity
  • support Aboriginal involvement in informing WPCA decision-making processes and self-determination.

The objectives of the Koori Perspectives Circle are to:

  • help build respectful relationships between Aboriginal people and WPCA staff.
  • respectfully incorporate Aboriginal perspectives of Country, community, and culture into design of buildings, spaces and places and ensure culturally safe and inclusive creations.
  • promote the realisation of Indigenous employment, training and procurement targets, so that they are met and/or exceeded.
  • help disseminate information, that’s appropriate for public consumption, out into the Aboriginal community to support engagement and participation.
  • practically grow the cultural competency of WPCA staff, to enhance their capacity to support the delivery of better outcomes for Aboriginal people through their work.

In the spirit of the intention for the Koori Perspectives Circle, and the stated purpose and objectives, a rotating program of two non- Aboriginal WPCA staff will participate as observers only to the Koori Perspectives Circle.