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4. Setting up a new ‘Koori Perspectives Circle'

To help shape our work, we are keen to develop strong relationships with recognised and aspiring leaders active in and connected to Aboriginal communities in Western Sydney. To create space to build trusting relationships, through two way conversation and knowledge sharing, we’re establishing a new platform for Aboriginal people and the WPCA’s team to connect. It’s called the Koori Perspectives Circle.

The Koori Perspectives Circle will not replace consultation with Local Aboriginal Land Councils or Registered Aboriginal Parties, which will continue in accordance with legislated requirements. The Bradfield City Centre is in the Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council (GLALC) area, and we are committed to direct engagement and partnering with the GLALC, which we propose to formalise in an agreement with them.

GLALC was constituted in 1984 under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act. Its objects are to improve, protect and foster the best interests of all Aboriginal persons in its area. Its legislated functions include, among other things, to protect and to promote awareness in the community of the culture and heritage of Aboriginal persons in its area. We respect these functions and the leading role GLALC has in representing the interests of all Aboriginal persons in its area.

We recognise descendants of traditional custodians of the Western Parkland City have obligations to care for Country and right to speak for Country. We understand that due to dispossession of land and other impacts of colonisation, custodianship can be a contested matter for Aboriginal people in Western Sydney. We aim to listen to the diverse voices of Aboriginal people who have developed strong contemporary connections to the region. It is intended that the Koori Perspectives Circle will have diverse representation, of gender, across age groups, and lived experience in Western Sydney.