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3. Our work in Aboriginal outcomes

The WPCA has recently established a small Aboriginal Outcomes team to develop and drive our strategy to help improve outcomes for Aboriginal people, through the work we do.

The Aboriginal Outcomes team is led by a dedicated Program Director (currently, Dunghutti woman, Jessica Herder, who grew up on Dharawal land) and supported by a Project Officer (currently, Wiradjuri man Johnno Hookey, who grew up in Redfern).

In 2022, we’ll be investing in cultural awareness training for our leaders and staff to grow the cultural competency of our whole organisation. Around 3% of our staff identify as being Aboriginal. We’ll also be preparing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), to confirm our commitments.

The WPCA recognises there are many opportunities to celebrate Aboriginal culture, support community and employment outcomes, and integrate learnings from Aboriginal relationships to Country through the work of the WPCA. We’ve already begun to plan for the first building in the Bradfield City Centre. Djinjama Cultural Design & Research have worked with the architects from Hassell to ensure a Country-centred design for the first building and setting the benchmark for the new city.

You can read more about how the building was designed with Connection to Country at its heart, and hear from the Djinjama designer, Dr Danièle Hromek, on our website.

We’ll be engaging with Aboriginal communities on the vision for the Bradfield City Centre Master Plan – an area of 114 hectares – in 2022 and beyond, along with other rich and diverse communities in the Western Parkland City.

There are employment and economic development opportunities for Aboriginal communities in building the new Bradfield City Centre, with work to commence in 2022.

The WPCA will seek to promote Aboriginal participation in its work, through the direct employment of Aboriginal people, indirect employment of Aboriginal sub-contractors, or procurement of goods and services from Aboriginal businesses.

There are also many more opportunities across major infrastructure and city-building projects, right across the Western Parkland City. More than $20 billion is being invested in infrastructure in the Western Parkland City, and WPCA is responsible for attracting industry and investment to help create 200,000 new jobs over the next 15 to 20 years.