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1. About this Expression of Interest

This Expression of Interest (EOI) seeks to call for members to join a new Koori Perspectives Circle to help shape the Aboriginal outcomes work of the NSW Government’s Western Parkland City Authority (WPCA), initially over a 12-month period.

As such this EOI is for Aboriginal people only, but not just Kooris. Members of the group will be selected based on their ability to meet criteria detailed in Section 7.

In short, we welcome EOIs from people who identify as being Aboriginal, and are:

  • Connected to and have knowledge of Country, or community in the Western Parkland City, or both.
  • Able to demonstrate strong and positive relationships and connections to, and active involvement in, Aboriginal communities in the Western Parkland City as an elder, a leader or aspiring leader.
  • Already engaged in small or big ways in helping to advance, promote and inspire positive cultural, social, educational, employment and/or business experiences for more Aboriginal people.
  • Able to gather, share their voice and meet in person at locations across Western Sydney agreed to by the members, or online as required by COVID restrictions until mid-2023.

We recognise that Western Sydney is home to the highest number of Aboriginal people in any region in Australia. There are many diverse, strong and connected Aboriginal communities that have established their families in this area over generations, even if their connection to Country exists elsewhere.

At the same time, we recognise the social and economic disadvantage some Aboriginal people endure through the intergenerational impacts of Aboriginal people being dispossessed of their land and way of life through colonisation. Through its work, the WPCA is well positioned to enhance opportunities for everyone in the Western Parkland City, including Aboriginal people.

Initially the work of the Koori Perspectives Circle will focus mostly on helping to establish the way the WPCA and its growing team of more than 120 staff, can listen to Aboriginal voices, consider and act on respectfully working with Aboriginal people and communities to shape the future of the Western Parkland City.