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Industry Opportunities

Placing industry in the driver's seat

The NSW Government has committed funding to deliver 100 different New Education and Training Model (NETM) micro-credentials. The four-year pilot will help to rapidly upskill Western Parkland City's workforce to attract industry investments and support employment opportunities.

Unlike more traditional forms of tertiary education, the NETM places industry in the driver's seat to ensure micro-credentials are designed for business and support a pipeline of skilled local workers, well into the future.

Industry is involved in:

  • Detailed development and activation of the model
  • Identifying skills and training needs in the Western Parkland City
  • Co-design of micro-credential content
  • Co-delivery of workplace aspects of micro-credentials

We invite industry members in advanced manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, transport and logistics, defence and aerospace, and agribusiness sectors to participate in the ongoing design, development and delivery of micro-credentials tailored to the needs of employers in the Western Parkland City.

Register your interest if you would like to propose a new micro-credential for the NETM or work with our team to workshop micro-credential ideas.

We recently launched our first micro-credential – Essentials of Additive Manufacturing. To learn more and find out how to enrol your staff, please visit the Launch Pad Live website.

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Ahmad Zafar:

It is a perfect example of a collaboration between the government, university and industry to bring skills into the workforce which which are good, good fit for future technologies.

Sarah Hill:

What an incredible opportunity to really trial this concept of micro-credentials, 40-hour courses that you can stack together to create a whole array of new skills and opportunities. Such a key idea and are now in action for the people of the Western Parkland City.

Stuart Ayres:

This is really the future of the collaboration between education and industry and where government can play a role in bringing those two together. So we've got GE Additive, one of the best manufacturing and additive manufacturing businesses anywhere in the world, partnering up with Western Sydney University to be able to keep those stackable credentials growing, and that'll mean a more skilled work base - and that's exactly what we want to get out of what happens here in Western Sydney. Iit's about making industry stronger, it's about setting ourselves up to have a more resilient economy and making a more skilled workforce.

Mike Kagioglou:

Such a privilege to be able to work in this very important partnership around the micro-credentialing, being the first to do so and also provide with some very significant skills for the sector and many companies around Western Sydney and beyond.

Deborah Sweeney:

It's about upskilling and reskilling opportunities for our SME from the region, the opportunity not only to bring them new skills but to think about their businesses and how we can help drive innovation for the region.

Kartik Kumar:

You know having little micro-credentials of you know you're sort of a mini expert in this area,or you've got extra experience in this area could be really useful going forward - especially being a student, you know going into the industry in a couple of years time, I think it'll be quite useful for myself.

Sarah Hill:

So I just want to thank our first providers of the course in New Education and Training Model GE Additive - an incredible international company working hand-in-hand with Western sydney University to skill our local workforce and really tie the needs of our residents of the Western Parkland City, with the needs of businesses.

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For additional opportunities to partner with the Authority, please read Bradfield City Centre - An Invitation to Partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What micro-credentials are currently on offer, and in what industries?

The initial programme of NETM micro-credentials will be focussed on priority industries for the Western Parkland City, including advanced manufacturing, transport and logistics, aerospace and defence, and agribusiness.

Details on upcoming NETM micro-credentials on offer will be provided in the course catalogue (COMING SOON).

How do I enrol my staff in NETM micro-credentials?

NETM enrolments are managed by the leading education provider delivering the micro-credential. It is best to contact the education provider of the course you are interested in to make sure the micro-credential is suitable.

Details on upcoming NETM micro-credentials on offer will be provided in the course catalogue (COMING SOON).

How much does a NETM micro-credential cost?

The NETM is funded by the NSW Government during the pilot period.  This means NETM micro-credentials will initially be free of charge for learners and industry. Over the longer term, a sustainable funding model will be developed to ensure the NETM delivers micro-credentials in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

If I wanted to propose a new micro-credential, what would my involvement look like?

If you are an employer who has recognised a skill gap in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, transport and logistics, pharmaceutical manufacturing aerospace and defence, or agribusiness, we want to hear from you!

The Western Parkland City Authority will work with you to scope a potential micro-credential that will meet your needs. You can also participate as an industry partner in the delivery of a micro-credential – and if you are interested in this level of participation, we will work with you to see if your existing training materials can be adapted or if we might need your input into a bigger piece of educational design in close partnership with one of our leading education partners.

How long will it take to get a new micro-credential started?

While time frames for new micro-credentials will vary based on several factors, a period of 3-6 months will usually be long enough to get a new micro-credential up and running.

Contact us

To learn more or to find out how you can get involved in the New Education and Training Model, contact us via this webform.