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Make the Future 2022: AMRF Manufacturing Technology Conference - highlights

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[Beginning of recorded material]

Sarah Hill: 

I’m Sarah Hill I’m the CEO of the Western Parkland City Authority and what a day it's been. Incredible.

Opened by our very own Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayres, who absolutely showed his commitment to advanced manufacturing and the New South Wales government's absolute support for the industry through incredible opportunities such as the Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility, our newest building for Bradfield City Centre.

Stuart Ayres:

This is an incredibly exciting time to be involved in manufacturing in Australia with New South Wales, and particularly the Western Parkland City leading the way. This is about creating high value jobs, closer to where people are going to live in an internationally connected community.

Sam Maresh:

GE's really excited about the AMRF because of its scale because of the fact it's a collaborative environment between industry, governments, and research organisations and universities, and because it provides an opportunity for Australian industry to actually service demand in Asia.

Mark Burgess:

This isn't about self-sufficiency, we operate in a global context, but it is about delivering capability and outcomes locally that are meaningful to the domestic supply chain as well as the global supply chain and we do a lot of really smart stuff in this country and we need to invest in it more substantially.

Kelly Godeau:

What this is going to do is build a home for the capability of Australian manufacturers to come together in a central location to share resources and to collaborate.

Inu Rana:

AMRF is going to bring a lot of opportunities I believe to the region and to the local manufacturing community. And I believe it will foster innovation in the SMEs in the Western Sydney region.

Daniel Rodgers:

I think Australian manufacturing can really lead the  world in the smart country approach. We can take those problem solving abilities and integrate the capabilities in this new Advanced Manufacturing Facility and bring those into reality.

Sarah Sharp:

The AMRF is just really well timed. It's going to help fill a gap that we have at the moment between research and industry. There's a need for, with all the new technologies that are coming on board today, to train our engineers, to support our technologists, to be able to translate these into real-world applications within industry.

Peter Buckley:

It's an important time to really support the manufacturing sector and get behind this in the momentum that is in our sector, particularly young people, an investment in technology and who knows what the future could bring.

Sam Maresh:

The Bradfield City Centre is an enormous opportunity and incredibly exciting, not only for Sydney, but for Australia. It really is the start of a new city that's built around sustainability, around technology and skills, it's really the vision of Australia we want for the future.

Sarah Hill:

I think as always at the Western Parkland City Authority, we're keen to listen, we're keen to learn, and we can only produce our newest and most exciting and our first 22nd century city in Bradfield, with the great help and advice from our businesses.

So our door is open, our call for expressions of interest and our call for partners is open and available on our website. We want to hear from you, we want to learn from you contact us and the team at the Western Parkland City Authority.

[End of recorded material]

Session 1: Strategic overview and industry opportunities

Welcome and Opening

The Hon Stuart Ayres MP, Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade

Hear about the NSW Government’s commitment to advanced manufacturing as a priority sector in delivering economic and jobs growth for NSW, as well as key initiatives underway to create a vibrant Western Parkland City.

Watch the Minister's speech here

Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility capability and opportunities

Dr Sarah Hill, CEO Western Parkland City and Authority and Harley De Burgh, Director, Research and Technology, Western Parkland City Authority

Learn about the capabilities and opportunities of the AMRF and how this can help your business.  Join Sarah and Harley as they discuss how this Australian-first facility will connect western Sydney and NSW manufacturers with world class technologies and create collaborative opportunities with global businesses and leading research institutions.

Watch Sarah and Harley's fireside chat and Q&A session here.

Overview of advanced manufacturing in Australia

Kelly Godeau, Director, Corporate Affairs, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre

Australia is known as the lucky country, but it can become the smart country through the application manufacturing technologies. Kelly discusses how Australia needs to be better, not cheaper, by adding value and making more complex products, to grow our manufacturing future.

Watch Kelly Godeau's presentation here.

Growth through application of advanced manufacturing technologies

Daniel Rodgers, CEO, Omni Tanker

Omni Tanker has seen significant growth in their business leveraging technological advantages to access new markets. Daniel talks about the company’s journey and how the firm has successfully applied advanced composite manufacturing processes.

Watch Daniel Rodgers' presentation here.

Session 2: Research and industrial applications of Advanced Manufacturing

Role of advanced manufacturing in the aerospace industry

Sam Maresh, Country leader, GE Australia

Advanced manufacturing processes play an increasingly central role in many aspects of the aerospace industry. Sam discusses the state-of-the art and future opportunities for AM applications in the sector.

Watch Sam Maresh's presentation here.

Western Sydney University (WSU) Launch Pad: Growing an innovation ecosystem

Inu Rana, WSU Launch Pad

WSU’s Launch Pad is a tech start-up incubator that showcases a successful model of university-industry collaboration. Inu discusses the growth of the incubator and how to build a successful innovation ecosystem as well as challenges and opportunities for SMEs in western Sydney. 

Watch Inu Rana's presentation here.

Advancements in hybrid additive manufacturing processes

Ryan Slater, Business Development Manager, Innovync

Learn more about advancements in hybrid additive manufacturing technology and these techniques could benefit your business.

Watch Ryan Slater's presentation here.

The University of Sydney Manufacturing Hub

Professor Gwénaëlle Proust, Deputy Director Sydney Manufacturing Hub, University of Sydney

The Sydney Manufacturing Hub is delivering world-class capabilities in additive manufacturing and materials processing to serve both fundamental and applied research. Learn how you can advance your manufacturing business opportunities.

Watch Professor Gwénaëlle Proust's presentation here.

Session 3: Workforce, leadership and innovative operations

New Education and Training Model: industry-led targeted skills development

Peter Mackey, Executive Director, Skills and Industry Capability Western Parkland City Authority

The New Education and Training Model (NETM) is a $37.4m NSW-funded pilot program to deliver 100 micro-credentials over the next four years. Peter speaks about how you can get involved with the NETM to upskill your staff and support the development of a skilled pipeline of workers in the advanced manufacturing industry.

Watch Peter Mackey's presentation here.

Implementation of modern manufacturing practices at Thales

Sarah Sharp, GM Technical and Engineering, Integrated Weapons and Sensors, Thales Australia

Peter Goodwin, Acoustics Centre of Excellence Director, Thales

Thales has introduced a range of advanced manufacturing practices. Learn more about how it has integrated these technologies in its manufacturing facilities in NSW.

Watch Sarah Sharp and Peter Goodwin's presentation here.

Leadership, innovation and workforce development at NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation

Peter Buckley, GM NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation

NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation is one of Australia’s best equipped privately owned engineering service providers and a trusted supply chain partner of Defence primes. Peter discusses leadership, workforce development and how innovation is creating new markets and providing value to customers in new areas such as medical manufacturing. 

Watch Peter Buckley's presentation here.

Fireside discussion Kirsty O'Sullivan and Percy Vij

Kirsty O'Sullivan, CSIRO Generation STEM Team Leader and Percy Vij, Managing Director at Centrum Group

Listen to a discussion about building the STEM talent pipeline in Western Sydney.

Watch Kirsty O'Sullivan and Percy Vij's discussion here.

Panel session – Opportunities for application of advanced manufacturing in NSW

Opportunities for application of advanced manufacturing in NSW

Dr Sarah Hill, CEO WPCA
Tony Shepherd AO, Chair NSW Modern Manufacturing Taskforce
Mark Burgess, CEO and MD Quickstep
Moderator: Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte, NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer

There are growing opportunities for the application of advanced manufacturing in NSW. The panel members, comprising Government and business leaders, discuss how Government and industry are implementing AM and its importance in supporting jobs growth and the economy in Western Sydney and across NSW.

Watch the panel session here.

Closing remarks

Dr Sarah Hill, CEO Western Parkland City 

Watch Sarah Hill's closing remarks here.