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South West Sydney Community and Justice Precinct

Planning for a new Community and Justice Precinct in Campbelltown is underway with the announcement of $1.2 million in joint government funding under the Western Sydney City Deal. The proposal will increase the number of courts and improve access to supporting justice and community services for the Western Parkland City’s rapidly growing communities.

The proposal represents a new approach to how community and justice services are delivered to the community; combining Federal and NSW justice services alongside community services, increasing access to high-value career opportunities and providing a more supportive experience for those needing justice and supporting community services.

The Federal and NSW Governments and Campbelltown City Council finalised a strategic business case for the precinct in May 2021.  The business case showed how the proposed precinct could deliver major economic and liveability benefits for the communities of the Western Parkland City. The need for this precinct is also identified in the Reimagining Campbelltown City Centre Master Plan (2020) to create a bustling, vibrant city centre, stimulating the local economy and creating more opportunities.


The location of the new precinct takes in the current Campbelltown Court House and Campbelltown Civic Centre sites that are bound by Queen Street, Railway Street, Hurley Street and Broughton Street. The precinct sits opposite Campbelltown railway station and adjacent to emergency and police services.

Our role

The Western Parkland City Authority, in partnership with the Federal Government, other State Government agencies and Campbelltown City Council, will prepare a detailed master plan for the precinct. The master plan will look at built form elements and provision of new civic and public open spaces supported by technical studies on infrastructure servicing, sustainability and transport. Options for new civic and community facilities, commercial office space, retail and an educational campus will be considered in the master plan to complement the justice services.

Market sounding

Campbelltown City Council is now engaging with qualified organisations through a market sounding exercise that focuses on gaining insights and feedback on the higher education offering, including related:

  • Community offering
  • Precinct and city benefits and
  • Development, land tenure, and fee structure of a market offering.

Organisations have been selected for the market sounding process based on the below criteria 


  • Whether the University currently has a complementary education offering e.g. law or social sciences, or are looking to commence a complementary offering or if they plan to create one.
  • Whether the University is interested in establishing a campus in Campbelltown.


  • Organisations with precinct experience, prepared to show prior capability and expertise.
  • Demonstration of prior innovation is preferred.
  • Experience in university and precincts is preferred.
  • Demonstrated success of developers with local councils is preferred.


  • Organisations with experience in funding universities and precincts, prepared to show prior capability and expertise.
  • Organisations with experience in government sector partnering.
  • Experience in a variety of land tenure situations.
  • Demonstrated funding from sources acceptable to three tiers of Government is preferred.

If you believe your organisation meets this criteria and you’d like to be considered for the market sounding process, please register your interest here.

We want to hear from you

As the goal of this exciting proposal is to create more jobs, career opportunities and provide a more supportive justice experience for the community, it is important that we hear your views and ideas of how the precinct could evolve and how we can improve the experience in the precinct.  Over the coming year we expect to get in touch with the community and businesses to seek input into the master plan.

For further information please visit the Campbelltown Council City Council project page.

Next steps

Once the master plan is complete, each level of government will consider the value and cost of proceeding with the proposal.

The project is one of many within the Western Sydney City Deal, which is an $11 billion commitment from the Commonwealth Government, the NSW Government and eight local councils to deliver vital community infrastructure and enhance liveability across the Western Parkland City.