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Minister's Foreword

The Western Parkland City is poised to become the next-generation driver of economic growth for NSW and Australia.

Together, the Draft Blueprint for the Western Parkland City and Draft Western Parkland City Economic Development Roadmap - Phase 1, set out a vision for a green, connected and advanced Western Parkland City. This means that over the long term, we will build a more liveable Western Parkland City that attracts global talent and investment and is underpinned by strong economic development and world-class sustainability.

The Western Parkland City has faced more than its fair share of challenges. Along with recent floods, fires and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the historical incrementalism of planning and investment in Greater Sydney has seen many communities in the Parkland City get houses first and jobs, transport and services later. This has led to a patchwork of suburban growth, poorer liveability outcomes for communities, missed opportunities for investment and jobs, and costly retrofitting of critical infrastructure and services.

Given the scale of the Western Parkland City, it’s not enough to simply play catch up. By 2036, it will be growing faster than any other part of NSW, making up more than a quarter of the growth in our population. It will also have the largest corridor of greenfield development in Australia. To keep pace with this growth, the Western Parkland City could require 15-30 per cent of the NSW infrastructure spend –the equivalent of $60 billion -$120 billion in today’s terms –over the next 15 years.

With its young, diverse and growing population, its existing strengths in manufacturing, construction and health services and a record pipeline of infrastructure investment, the Western Parkland City has all the right ingredients to attract the globally-competitive businesses that will create the high-value jobs of tomorrow.

The decisions we make today will shape the way the Western Parkland City grows. We have a chance to make a break with history and fundamentally shift our approach, making sure this growth is jobs- led, and where we align the delivery of services and infrastructure with housing.

The NSW and Commonwealth governments and eight local councils of the Western Parkland City have together made a $20 billion down payment on the infrastructure that will catalyse this economic opportunity. The Western Sydney International Airport connects the Western Parkland City to the world; the Metro and roads packages connect it to the rest of Sydney and NSW; and new developments like the Bradfield City Centre will connect people with the jobs and skills of the future.

If we stop here, however, we will not make the most of this opportunity. The Draft Blueprint for the Western Parkland City and Draft Western Parkland City Economic Development Roadmap - Phase 1 set out the next set of critical government priorities that will help the Western Parkland City not only fill the gaps in services, infrastructure and job-creating activity, but leapfrog the Central and Eastern Cities in the process.

I look forward to hearing your views on these draft priorities and working with you to achieve our vision for the Western Parkland City.

The Hon. Stuart Ayres MP
Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney
Minister for Trade and Industry