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A new suburb – submissions now closed

Earlier this year, the Western Parkland City Authority made a submission to the Geographical Names Board of NSW (GNB) to create a Bradfield suburb in the Western Parkland City. The proposed suburb includes portions of the existing suburbs of Bringelly and Badgerys Creek and will surround the Bradfield City Centre.

The GNB sought public comments on our proposal for four weeks between August and September. The period for public submission is now closed. The GNB will review each submission before finalising its decision. You can find out more about how the GNB assesses naming proposals at www.gnb.nsw.gov.au.

The proposed suburb of Bradfield covers around 1,700 hectares of land from Badgerys Creek waterway and a new road proposed to the north of Fifteenth Avenue, South Creek in the east, Bringelly Road in the south and Bringelly's existing boundary and The Northern Road in the west. It will take in parts of the existing suburbs of Bringelly and Badgerys Creek within the Liverpool City Council local government area.

If our submission is approved there will be no change to any street names and the naming process is likely to be completed in late 2021. 


If you are a resident in the proposed suburb, you should have received a letter from us in July which outlined our proposal and the GNB process.

If you would like to speak with us at the Western Parkland City Authority about this proposal, our ideas for the new Bradfield City Centre or the Western Parkland City, please email us hello@wpca.sydney or telephone 1800 312 999.

The proposal follows on from the NSW Government's announcement in March 2021 regarding the naming of the new Bradfield City Centre. The NSW Government recently announced a $1 billion investment in the Bradfield City Centre to deliver early infrastructure such as the first building, parks and utilities.

About the Geographical Names Board

The Geographical Names Board is an independent government agency that administers place names within NSW. Its role is to assess whether suggested place names are appropriate.

More information about the Geographical Names Board and how it assesses proposed place names can be found at www.gnb.nsw.gov.au.