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The Western Sydney Aerotropolis

The Western Sydney Aerotropolis (Aerotropolis) is a 11,200-hectare area surrounding the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport located within the Western Parkland City. The Aerotropolis will become a hub of industry and innovation, attracting local and global companies drawn to the enormous potential of the Western Parkland City and the airport that serves it.

The Aerotropolis is located within the Liverpool and Penrith local government areas. These local councils form part of the Western Sydney Planning Partnership Office, a partnership between the eight councils of the Western Parkland City and the NSW Government, who are collectively developing the planning framework for the Aerotropolis.

The Aerotropolis will be a hub for industry, activating new opportunities in advanced manufacturing such as 3D printing; quantum computing; artificial intelligence; aerospace and defence industries; an agribusiness precinct for high tech food production and pharmaceutical manufacturing; a 24/7 global freight and logistics network together with new models of training and education.

This approach will help drive the delivery of more than 200,000 new jobs across the Western Parkland City. It will also deliver a boost to the City's existing industry sectors and businesses.

With 1.5 million more people estimated to be living west of Parramatta by 2036, now is the time to plan and deliver a city within which our future generations can live and thrive.

Current Government projects in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis

Building the Western Parkland City requires many projects and different government agencies.

Current major projects within the Aerotropolis include:

Bradfield Aerial Innovation Square Artist impression