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The Bradfield City Centre

The NSW Government has announced over $1 billion in funding to start building the Bradfield City Centre. This is the next step in delivering Australia’s newest, most advanced, green and connected city.

The announcement included funding for:

  • Enabling works that will provide the foundation infrastructure for Bradfield such as utilities and services to kick start broader private sector development;
  • The first building that will include a visitor centre as well as a high-tech research facility. The facility will provide shared use equipment for research institutions and industry partners to enable collaborative innovation;
  • New community and recreation facilities including 36 hectares of open public space, plus retail and childcare; and
  • A new model for education and training to deliver over 7,000 micro-credential courses.

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Female voice:

Welcome to Australia's first 22nd century city - Bradfield, a high-tech city centre on the doorstep of the Western Sydney International Airport.


Connected by a Metro rail line, as well as roads and active transport links, Bradfield will be an energetic place with life, culture and public spaces. Bradfield will attract the country's brightest minds with opportunities at the national science agency, the CSIRO and a world-class advanced manufacturing research facility where businesses can design and test ideas. This will all be supported by intelligent digital networks.

Bradfield will be a key Indo-Pacific hub, connected globally via the airport and locally with the existing centres nearby. At the centre of it all is Bradfield which is perfectly placed to be the beating heart of the Western Parkland City.

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The Bradfield City Centre will grow and evolve over the next 30 years to become a cyber-secure, hydrogen-ready location for advanced industries.

It will support wider employment, education and training opportunities in the Western Parkland City and drive the creation of tens of thousands of jobs.

This billion dollar investment will deliver a key Indo-Pacific hub for advanced manufacturing, aerospace and defence, agribusiness and pharma, freight and logistics, health and education.

Click here to read the announcement made by the NSW Premier, the Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP, the NSW Treasurer, the Hon Dominic Perrottet MP and the Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney, the Hon Stuart Ayres MP.

Where is the new Bradfield City Centre?

The new Bradfield City Centre is located within the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. It will be built on Government land near Badgerys Creek Road, Bringelly, on the doorstep of the of the new Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport.

At the heart of the City Centre will be the new Metro Station which will be minutes by train to the Airport Station.

When will work start on the Bradfield City Centre?

Work will start on the Bradfield City Centre later in the year, subject to all necessary approvals and community engagement. The work will include the first building to be delivered in 2023, close to the site of the future Metro station.

This work will provide the foundation for the Bradfield City Centre which will continue to grow and evolve over the next 30 years.

What will the Bradfield City Centre be famous for?

The Bradfield City Centre will be Australia’s newest city centre. It will be a high amenity, active, cool and green environment.

It will be known as an advanced industry cluster for:

  • Defence and aerospace industries, such as civil space, remote defence sustainment, unmanned aircraft systems, aviation services and training;
  • Manufacturing and logistics, such as robotics, automation, additive manufacturing, warehouse and supply chain automation;
  • Future transport industries, such as autonomous vehicles, electric transport and last mile mobility;
  • Construction technology; such as prefabricated components, modular building systems and green buildings; and
  • New energy and circular economy industries, such as renewable energy generation, lithium battery storage, biodegradable packaging and recycling.

Bradfield City Centre will be cyber-secure and hydrogen-ready, with high capacity conduit and common access ducts capable of housing hydrogen-gas pipelines and fibre-optic internet cables.

Why was the name Bradfield selected?

Bradfield was selected because it best represents NSW’s aspirations for an innovative, world-class city focused on advanced manufacturing, technology, education and research.

As a pioneer in engineering and construction, John Bradfield embodies the NSW Government's vision for delivering world-class new industries, better connected communities, and education and training to create a more prosperous Western Parkland City.

The NSW Government had an incredible response from the community for its call for names, with 'Bradfield' strongly supported.

Aboriginal names and dual naming, in consultation with the local community, will be considered for other features of the city such as parks, streets, water features and precincts.

What will the Bradfield City Centre look like?

Current ideas for the first stage of the Bradfield City Centre are subject to the necessary planning approvals. We propose however to include:

  • 36 hectares of public domain – including parks, plazas and water features;
  • 60 hectares of land prepared for development - including earthworks, roads and utilities;
  • The National Security Quarter - a new hub for advanced defence, and innovation sectors;
  • Visitor centre and high-tech research facility - with shared space and equipment for international advanced industry firms and local manufacturers;
  • Digitally-enabled city centre and public domain - including high capacity conduit, common access ducts, and smart infrastructure;
  • Commercial and community facilities - including retail, cultural, childcare and car parking;
  • A plaza adjacent to the new metro station - only minutes from the international airport; and
  • Dining, entertainment and leisure - around public waterways.

What will be the first building?

The Western Parkland City Authority (WPCA) has made a request to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) for the Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirements for the first building in the new Bradfield City Centre. This building will comprise an advanced manufacturing research and development facility and visitor centre.

Further to the first building in the City Centre, a cluster of buildings is proposed to coincide with the commencement of services on the Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport. This will include a dedicated facility for the CSIRO, Australia's national science agency.

For more information on community and stakeholder consultation for the Bradfield City Centre and planning for the first building, please register your interest here.

What jobs will this investment generate?

The funding commitment will deliver the first stage of Australia's newest city.

This city will attract globally competitive advanced industries, including defence, aviation, aerospace and advanced manufacturing. This will drive the creation of 200,000 new jobs across the Western Parkland City.

What is the New Education and Training Model (NETM)?

The NETM is a new approach to education and training which will deliver over 7,000 micro-credential courses for citizens of the Western Parkland City.

The NETM adopts a micro-credential approach, delivering small-scale packages of learning that allow people to build knowledge, skills and experience in a particular subject area aligned to employer needs.

For employers, this means access to an agile and highly skilled workforce who can meet the demands of advanced industry. For students and workers, it means access to lifelong learning and the potential for an exciting career that can evolve over time.

The NETM is currently being developed in cooperation with universities and TAFE NSW.

How does the Bradfield City Centre relate to the precinct plans?

Draft Precinct Plans were recently exhibited by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment for the first five precincts (including Bradfield) to be delivered in the Aerotropolis.

The precinct plans establish the strategic vision and general objectives, proposed land uses and performance criteria for development of land. They also provide the approach to both infrastructure and water cycle management.

DPIE's precinct plans include detailed considerations such as a road network and open space such as parks. They include the physical characteristics that make up built-up areas such as building height, width, depth and scale in and surrounding the Bradfield City Centre.

For more information please visit the NSW Government Planning Portal.

Will any properties be acquired?

The Precinct Plans identify land required for public purposes such as roads, parks and water detention basins. These areas will need to be acquired to deliver the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

For more information please visit the NSW Government Planning Portal.

New Community Commissioner for The Aerotropolis

The NSW Government has appointed Professor Roberta Ryan from the University of Newcastle to the new role of Independent Community Commissioner to help address concerns of landowners in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. Key areas of focus for the Commissioner include advising people about planning, valuation and development processes and reporting findings to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces over the coming months.

You can contact the Commissioner via communitycommissioner@planning.nsw.gov.au or find out more at www.planning.nsw.gov.au/aerotropolis.

How can I learn more about Bradfield City Centre?

We are keen to share our ideas and understand your views, so we will be updating information and seeking your input as we progress the planning and development of the Bradfield City Centre.

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